Once the Montagues fled from their castle and home land of Aldra, they had two options; settle in cap his swamp, or become nomadic. those who became nomadic differed away from their montague identity, while those who settled in Caphis only became more proud of it.

The landscape is bleak and forbodeing, the Monagues have spent little time attempting to counter act this, and so their township is a somber place. It is mostly populated by women and children, as most of the male population were killed off by werewolves 20 years ago.

It is a days sail from Aldra, and the nearest city by land (llanichiron) , is a four day hike. For anyone without a ship, it is estunally a prison, as few could navigate the hostile swampland.

Despite this, the Montagues continue undaunted in their pursuit of knowledge, they have one neglected shrine to the god of knowledge, but that is it, they refuse to build a temple.


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