Driftwood Abby

Constructed from the keel of an old ship, this Abby is the home of perdita’s celtics, and a place of sweet worship. The entirety of the ship “the gallant” was moved after it was decommissioned, and converted into this Abby, it still appears that the ship could simply sail away at a moments notice.

The royal family’s wedding, blessings and funerals are all conducted here. The Abby also trains monks, and takes great pride in the competency of all who train there.

It is a grand and holey place, home to the “firstborn relic”, a shard of black metal, said to be as old as the world itself. Folklore says that it is part of the night sky that fell during “the shattering”-a celestial event that happens every nine years.

The mast of the ship was also salvaged, and now resides next to the keel. It has been magically stretched so that the crows nest offers an unrivaled veiw of the sky. Many astromers dream of studying here, allthough few get the chance.

The library here is also impressive, it houses all known records of celestial events, and can accurately predict most astronomical events.

Driftwood Abby

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