House rules

1. Mothers magic.

Your family and loved ones can get letters to you regardless of where you are. The same is not true for people you have never met or have bad blood with. They can not teleport to you or anything, but they can get messages.

2. Death saving throws

If you fail three death saving throws, you can choose to roll a forth, but it will cause you to gain a debilitating effect. You could get anything from a physical deformity, loss of an ability score, mental effects, and I honestly don’t know what else. If you have to roll again and still fail, you die.

3. Magic is normal.
This is pretty standard, but Ive played in games where the dm decided to make magic illegal in cities. Just to state the obvious, magic is a normal part of every day life and you won’t be punished for simply using it.

House rules

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