Kylon- Home of the dwarves


The homeland of dwarves, and the biggest mining center in the world. All metals and precious stones can be found here, although some are in short supply.

The mines under the mountains run for hundreds of miles and some say go under the ocean to connect to Elisinor. Countless travelers have become lost or eaten in the depths of the mines, and those who do emerge never dare to return.

However, the upper halls and grand are welcoming to visitors, and there is always spirited trading going on, no matter the time of day.

The dwarves are ruled by the Bassanio clan. While the family has no official title or power outside of the mountains, their status under the earth is secure. They are the oldest, riches and most respected family.

For an outsider, it is almost impossible to tell the gender of a Dwarf, as they all have facial hair and the same basic body type. Gender roles are also practically nonexistent.

This is also the only region where clockwork creatures exist, which can be either wild or domesticated. It is also home to the warforged.

Kylon- Home of the dwarves

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