Races overview

The most common races are ocianic elves and humans.

There is a large cultural devide between high elves and oceanic ones, though the only technical difference is in appearance.

Oceanic elves are towed headed or have light blonde hair that bleaches almost white in the sun. Their eyes are bright blue or green, distractingly vivid against thier pale complexions. This is either innocently beautiful or disturbing, depending upon the elf.

They have an innate wanderlust and almost no family structure, as they rarely spend time in anyone place long enough to develop bonds. They can not breathe underwater naturally, but have perfected the Magic nessiastily to give some that power.

In descending order, the rest of the population consists of; dwarves, high elves, halflings, gnomes and warforged.

Warforged are extremely uncommon, although they do exist . They rarely leave the mountains they were created in, and when they do, almost never choose to sail, making travel difficult. These are the only race not commonly seen.

Dwarves are highly common, their main city, Kylon, extends for over 300 miles, and they have at least a small settlement on every major island.

High elves rule the country, and are a very affluent race. Even the idea of a poor high elf does not really exist, their bonds are so strong that they take care of each other, even if they are total strangers. There is a strong feeling of racial loyalty; at the very least a high elf can expect to always find food and shelter with their kin, if not more.

Halflings are reasonably common. They are welcoming to outsiders, and conduct a lot of trade, they are stereotypically associated with agriculture and creation. They are usually met with a begrudging mix of mockery and respect.

Gnomes live in such remote areas, and feel such a connection to their family, that they rarely leave. It is not unheard of to find a traveling gnome, but it is enough to raise eye brows.

Races overview

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