Vows, oaths and pledges are taken very seriously. The gods take notice when someone makes such a serious declaration and if that person does not follow through, there are tangible repercussions. This effects anyone who dishonorably leaves their order (such as a cleric or paladin) but it also effects vows simply said. For instance, if you swear revenge or loyalty, you must follow through or face the consequences.

Each god has a particular personality and some barely bother with the materiel world at all, while others are a constant presence. Some ascended to God-hood after a particularly courageous life, one have simply always been.

There are seven deities

The goddess of war and death, volmina

The god of agriculture, sylivus

The goddess of time and patience, cordiela

The Trickster god, mercutio

The God of knowledge- Prospero

The goddess of life and family- Perdita

The Oracle of Cassandra
There is some debate over weather or not she can be truly counted as a God, but she is immortal and all knowing, so most agree that it is. There is also some debate about how she and The Dark lady are connected, but nothing can be proven about either so most efforts to understand them are futile.


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