Thane and Thor

The so called “twin islands” are mysteriously identical, even though they are separated by the arm of Kylon- an entirely different landmass.

When a female is born on thane it is traditional of her to go to Thor to find her counterpart, she will almost certainly find someone who looks, acts and thinks almost identically. It is practically a forgone conclusion that these pairs will marry and start a family.

These islands are small and compact, they predominantly export Amber and glassware. Each family generally keeps a few chickens and can fish, however they rely greatly on imported food form other proveniences.

The islands themselves are largly bleak, they offer little natural protection from the sea. In particularly bad storms, it has been known for all but the highest point to be underwater.

To protect against this, they have built a tower for their foodstuffs and for emergency shelter.

They have shrines to Volomina, mercutio and prospero, allthough the only cleric they have is to Volomina.

Thane and Thor

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