The floating fortress

This is a lively and spirited fortress, approximately the size of a town, and mostly populated by men. It truly does float, allthough it moves at a very slow pace. In dangerous storms, a magical orb can be erected around the fortress, this offers some protection, however it does not offer immunity and it is a dangerous place to be.

The mayor-captin is incharge of directing the fortress, which can be done via a magical device locked in the townhall.

This fortress is focused on the location, extraction and exportation of ambergris, also knowen as whale vomit.

ambergris is mainly found in sperm whales. It can be found in narwhals, however these beasts are consideredably more dangerous and genrally can only be found in colder climates. It is usually not worth it to pursue a narwhal for Ambergris.

The men who serve on the fortress are well paid, and for good reason. It is a dangerous and vile job, with little to no opertunity for recreation- the fortress is composed of little more than housing and the nessicary supplies for their job.

Ambergis is extracted by luring the whale into a water chaimber (a large, under water cell), infusing the water with an emetic, and waiting untill the whale vomits. The whale is then released, the water drained and the men must mop the vomit into containers.

The floating fortress

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