The country of is Thineor is, over all, a peaceful one. There is never ending feuding and squabbling between different islands and clans, but there hasn’t been an outright war for over a hundred years.

The ruling family of Pericles is generally well liked, although this is partially because they have divided and executed any rival families.They were the family that originally untied the islands, and have managed to keep control for the last 500 years.

A collection of islands, it is 650 miles at its longest point and almost entirely mountainous: the only land flat enough for large scale farming is on the main land, causing an economic divide between most of the islands and the mainland. The volcanic origin of this island group gives a a seemingly random appearance to the map.

The only active volcano is that of Tamora.

Thinenor is mainly populated by humans. In descending order, the rest of the population consists of; high elves, dwarves, sea elves, halflings, and gnomes.

Teiflings and woodelves have been known to travel to Thinenor, although they have no established community.

The weather is generally mild, although bleak.. Come winter, the main concern will be food, not the cold. The only place where freezing tempratues usually occur is on the Iron Spine mountain range.

Dragons exist, although none nest on Thinenor The largest creature that calls Thinenor home is the lightning Behir, who dominates most of the island of Evea.

Magic is embraced by almost everyone, and is certainly not illegal.


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