Bards and the bardic college

“King makers”

Individual bards are usually respected and welcomed, however, it is as a comunity that bards are truly powerful. Knowen as “king makers” for their influence over the common people, when the bardic college decides to slander or support a regime, it is only a matter of time before their word becomes the new truth.

like Paladins, bards also work on renown, however, they are much more lax of an organization and tend not to grant special items or favors upon advancement though the ranks.

The bardic college is located on lliba, it is a beautifull and grand building, each room revealing story after story. However, it is a largely indefensible structure. It is open to the elements, and while it’s spacious gardens offer it food and medicine, qthey are also easy pray for Thieves.

At the heart of the building is The Great Hall, where bards eat, dance, sing, share stories and have meetings. To the left is the domain of the college of lore, home to priceless instruments, artworks and books. To the right is the college of valour, bedecked with legendary weapons and tapistries depicting the greatest battles.

The entire building hums with magical energy.

The two colleges get on peaceably, allthough when it becomes time to pick a new leader, a new sea-her-speak, tensions rise between the two factions as both beilve that they are better leaders.

All bards must visit at least once upon their acceptance to the college, however, most visit often.

However, there are whispers of a third college;

These bards use their gifts to disgust, confuse and Freighten, they are said to be responsible for things akin to "the Salem witch trials " .

Bards and the bardic college

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