The class of paladin is highly respected, highly coveted and highly challenging.

Many attempt to join their ranks, but the vast majority become either fighters or clerics.

Paladin ranking works on renown, with the following ranks:

1- initiate
3- disciple
6- dauntless

At this rank a paladin is awarded their Paladins sword, a silver sword engraved with their name, order and date of advancement. It is in the traditional paladin style,

10- Fear bringer

At this rank a paladin is awarded a helmet of plus one, also in the paladin style.

15- strongsword
At this rank a paladin is awarded a mantle of spell resistance.

21- tested and true

At this rank the paladin is awarded a ring of free mind.

28- slayer of evil

After this rank the rewards become personal to the paladin. Historically the rewards have been the stuff of legend, and are wildly recognized and celebrated.

36- people’s shield
45- pure valour
55- Gods mighty hand

Each order trains separately, usually at castles or Abbys far away from civilization, though Volomina’s deciples train in the heart of the capital. It is here that all Paladins must go when they become initates or advance past the rank of “strong sword.”

The order of prospero-
Devoted to knowledge, justice and the defense of free speech, Paladins of prospero are seen as the ultimate heros. They are the champions of the people, brining light to curropt officials and deceitful guards. They tend to die young.

The order of mercutio-
Most of mercutio Paladins take the order of vengeance and though they are effective, they are secretive. Their is a strong higherarchy at work in this order, and the greater good is vauled at the cost of everything else.

The order of silvius-
The Paladins of this god care primarily for equality, allthough they never miss out on their glory. they are champions of the environment, initate Paladins are frequently sent out to work farms in times of unrest.

The order of Volomina-
These strong and noble warriors train long and hard in the service of their godddess. They are the strongest protectors of the realm, feared by all and a political power in their own right. In times of turmoil when the monarch has been unable to rule, the head paladin of Volomina has taken control of the entire country.

The order of Cordelia-
The Paladins of perdita and Cordelia often work together, as they are the smallest orders.
They are champions of endurance, patience and planning. They never rush into something they cannot handle and so they are allmost allways victorious. It is perhaps the safest of paladin orders allthough they are criticized for their refusal to handle some problems bought to them.

The order of Oberon-

These Paladins tend more towards the magical than the melee, they are highly superstitious and rely on gut feeling. They say that this strengthens their bond to their deity and so are better protected than other Paladins.

They are highly specialized and focus on magical beasts. Their hall is decorated with the head of their slayen foes, most notably; a green dragon, a kraken, and a sphinx. The Paladins have been known to spend decades in the field, tracking and hunting one particular monster.


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