The calendar

Each year is made up of seven seasons. These seasons are divided by “Shattering’s”.

Each “Shattering” (a celestial event, it appears as if the sky has shattered; billions of glowing white lines illuminate the sky, like broken glass.) brings in a new season- in other words unless this event happens, the next season will not come, no matter how long it has been. For this reason, Shattering’s can not be reliably predicted, and so when they come, the night is filled with song, laughter and merriment. Taverns, inns and entertainers offer their services at discount and people take the day and night off to relax and recuperate between seasons.

The seasons are as follows;
1- the first season, (ruled by prospero)
2-the barren season (ruled by mercutio)
3-the long season (ruled by Cordelia)
4-the stormy season (ruled by Volumina)
5-the calming season (ruled by Perdita)
6-the elder season (ruled by Oberon)
7-the harvest season (ruled by Silvuis)

Each God is responsible for his or her own season, and generally keep the seasons to be approximately 50 days long. However, this is by no means a hard and fast rule. The longest season on record was The Stormy Season of E.M 247, which lasted 400 days and was only stopped when Volumina was appeased by the Westwild druids. This is a legend still talked of in hushed voices. Because of this a year is not a strictly defined period of time, it is however long it takes to complete the cycle.

(Note, this does not mean that gods are only powerful during the seasons they govern, it only means that times of the year are naturally attuned to certain gods)

Humans tend to divide their life’s by years. However, longer living creatures, such as elf’s and dwarfs, live by Cordelia cycles. Every 50 years, Cordelia’s Comet can be seen racing by in the night sky.

Cordelia’s comet is hailed by a massive festival. It’s blue light illuminates even the darkest of places and people dress in silver, white, and ivory, to allow their clothes to reflect this exotic colour. Traditionally it is a time for secrets to be told and when people can make confessions to each other without judgment. It is a time to reflect on the years past. At the end of the festival, Cassandra (Cordelia’s daughter) arranges the light into an image, a hint of what the new cycle will bring. Fools constantly try and guess the meaning of this image, although the wise know that the meaning will come in time, and nothing will speed its course.

Full moons come every four weeks.

Saints have no power, they are simply remembered and honored by the people they left behind. However, every hopeful adventurer remembers that once upon a time, Perdita was nothing but a saint…

The Barren season is so called because it is the season in which small animals (such as fish, birds androdents) become worryingly scarce. Rangers have long looked for a reason for this phenomenon, however, they have found none. They animals seem to simply disappear at the start of the season and reappear when it is over. The other seasons have reasons behind their names as well, but this is the one that effects the people the most.

In the country of Tamora it is the year E. M 564. “E.M” stands for the current ruling family; The Emoranti. The different eras in ruling family’s have caused different epochs, such as the Berganogo’s from B.G 1-B.G365, when the Berganogo’s were slain and S.C 1 began.

Since ruling families also changes from one country to another, the world is not yet agreed as to what year it is. This doesn’t affect the majority of people. The average person will never travel to a different country. However, there is a specialized group of wizards who are trying to convert everyone to agree on the same system of years. This is a wholly practical and wise idea, despite this, no one outside of their own little group seems to care.

The calendar

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